About us

We are an European company founded in 2017 and together with our partners we are focused on producing high quality Cannabis products. Our products are naturally produced according to the legislation of the European Union. All of our products start their life at our G.M.P. facility in Athens, Greece.

GWEE was founded by a group of Cannabis activists who believe that we can all find ourselves mentally and physically healthier with the great power of this plant. Cannabis compounds like CBD have the potential to impacts the lives of millions and by continuing to tell and educate you about the valuable therapeutic properties of this plant, we believe it can improve the quality of life for many and make a big change on this planet. Our goal is to provide an excellent and fast buying process and keep our customers 100% satisfied.

We use supercritical CO2 production. The supercritical (or subcritical) CO2 method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate, preserve, and maintain the purity and properties of our Cannabis oil. Multilevel filtering is used to further process the raw mass and reduce the admixture of fat, lipids and unwanted plant parts. The result is a safe and powerful end product, which is further used in the manufacture of our other products.


The first documented use of Cannabis dates back to 2737 BCE (even a long time before this) in the Chinese Empire. We can find more historical evidence in literature, that Cannabis plants were also known to the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. In 16th century Cannabis spread to the western hemisphere, where it was brought to Chile by the Spaniards for use as a fiber. In North America, hemp was grown on many plantations using for ropes, clothing and paper.

For human health, dried Cannabis leaves were used to treat nosebleeds, and Cannabis seeds were used to get rid of tapeworms, Cannabis suppositories were used to reduce hemorrhoid pain, and so on. In the Middle East, they spread throughout the Islamic Empire through North Africa. Cannabis also has a long history of ritual use and is found in various cults around the world. Cannabis seeds suggest early ceremonies found by archaeologists in Altay Mountains, Kazakhstan. Around the turn of the millennium, the Cannabis resin used to intoxicate began to spread from the Persian world to the Arab world.

By 1820, 80% of all textiles were made from hemp because no mechanism had yet been invented for the removal of cotton fibers. According to writings, Queen Victoria also used Cannabis extract to relieve menstrual cramps. In 1941 Henry Ford built a hemp car that ran on hemp fuel. Ford’s car wasn’t made entirely of hemp, it was one of the several plant ingredients in his 1941 bio-plastic Model T, and definitely the ingredient that made it lighter and tougher than steel.  The car drove on Cannabis ethanol. Ford was not supported because Cannabis cultivation in the United States was banned mainly because of intoxicating properties. 

21st century

Today, hemp – its oil and seeds – are traditionally used in food, in the textile industry, both in the manufacture of various fabrics and ropes and cables, and in modern automotive, not only in interior covers, but also in bioplastics. Cannabis shove (the inner part of the plant, wood that makes up 70% of the plant) are used in the construction of eco-houses and are used as a natural heat-insulating material that makes a residential building healthy and “breathable”. But also cannabis is still used the same as many centuries before but in a more modern way, for example, CBD products come in all sorts of forms in nowadays: oils, tinctures, sprays, lotions, edibles, bath bombs, gummies, vapes, and more.

Although the perception of cannabis has dramatically improved over the years, but it is still not completely legal. CBD products are governed by different laws in Europe, both European and the Government of each country, so some nations began to change their approaches to cannabis, with measures taken to decriminalize it. We hope CBD is here to stay because CBD can affect the lives of millions of people by improving health and their quality of life.

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